The Cordish Companies, Inc., is a world-renowned real estate development and equity investment firm, but that is not all they do. Founded in 1910, its headquarters is situated within Baltimore, MD, and it is still owned and operated by the Cordish family. It is uncommon and distinctive for any corporation of this size to remain within a family for over one hundred years, but The Cordish Companies has done exactly that. It has grown to an astounding size over the many decades of its success, garnering it a respected brand name that is revered by its competitors. The Cordish Companies is now a major player in real estate, and it has multiple divisions that fall under its namesake. Due to its size, its activities across the world, and its bustling business, it can be difficult, even for mid- and low-level employees, to keep up with the various ways The Cordish Companies is impacting the world of commercial real estate and urban planning and development.

When The Cordish Companies lands a major real estate contract, it immediately makes the national, and often international, news. A great place to keep up with current Cordish events is via Cordish on the Baltimore Sun. As the hometown paper of The Cordish Companies’ headquarters, the Baltimore Sun covers all newsworthy business of the company. The paper gives special focus to local investment and development deals that directly affect the people of Baltimore.

Another essential place to inform oneself about all things Cordish is by a visit to Cordish at Biz Journals. The Business Journals online gives up-to-date and extensive coverage of the latest in financial and business news. It is a fantastic resource for those interested in learning more about what deals are in the works, as well as exciting new projects already underway.

If you work in the business world, do not want to fall behind. Now, you may keep up with The Cordish Companies easily.