Squeeze pages or Landing pages are often pages of a website that a user is directed to from an add or an offer, usually for something free, asking for an email address in return. This type of  setup is also used on many sales pages.

This helps the owner of the website in building a list which he can then market products and services to, as well as sending them information about new blog posts they may have written. For  instance if you’re a dog lover and you’ve landed on a squeeze page for free e book on house training a dog. The webmaster can then email you about his post about leash reviews, or promote a paid e book, or product related to dogs.

Squeeze pages work by having as few links as possible on the page and an irresistable offer. The user has no choice but to completely leave the website and miss out on the free offer, or give an email address. Many times with squeeze pages this isn’t the end of it. Squeeze pages can lead to another squeeze page this time with a low cost offer, which leads to another page. Slowly increasing the price and offering a product that works to improve the performance of the previous offer can lead to high profits. The process of building  multiple squeeze pages with offers in a line is called a sales funnel.

Offers to Promote on Squeeze Pages

Most of the time the initial offer is something free, so most of the time it is a digital product.

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  • ad templates
  • e books
  • outline or system
  • how to build PDF

Different Types of Squeeze pages

Squeeze pages can come in many forms they can be a pop up for a visitor on your site or a splash page that the user is directed to. There are elements that make a squeeze page work well. Some things that help a squeeze page is by showing the value of the offer. There are squeeze page templates available that can help build them quickly and easily.

Elements that Improve Conversions


A video which explains further the offer, especially on sales pages which take a bit more convincing, can help to improve the conversion rate of the page. A well laid out article with images of what has been improved by the offer can also inspire a quick conversion.


Testimonials are another way to show that people are using and enjoying the offer they’ve received. The psychology of seeing someone who has used the product or is enjoying the benefits of it makes the user want it even more.

Scarcity is a tactic also used traditionally in sales and it is widely used on the internet as well. Having a limited time offer, or upcoming price increase will help convince that the time is now for the user to get in on the deal, or be sure to opt in with the email right away.


Ok, you’ve got them on the hook its time to collect an email. This is really time to keep it very simple. Having more than one or two fields to fill out on a free offer is a conversion killer. People don’t mind filling out a name and email, but any extra information they’re being asked for might put them off.