The state of California evokes an image unique unto itself. Some envision the architecture of San Francisco and splendor of its Golden Gate Bridge. Others recall memories of the family friendly escape offered by its world famous theme parks. We picture an image of the ocean and many outdoor sports associated with the state’s ambience and vibe.

California is a state like no other. California represents a lifestyle of snowboarding, surf, and skate. Junx Clothing Co. was created in 2013 with a mission to represent the relaxed, nonchalant lifestyle uniquely found in California. Junx offers a wide variety of lightweight cotton t-shirts for men and women, made from a Poly-Cotton blend.

Junx Clothing conveys a laidback aura of fun, lending that image to all who wear its styles. Junx revisits an earlier era when surfers, snowboarders, and skaters were rebellious renegades. These sports have gained acceptance into mainstream American culture, but they were created by kids who broke the rules and pushed the limits of what was then acceptable.

When you don the Junx Clothing label, you will feel relaxed, fun, and original. Junx Clothing Co. reflects California’s ocean waves and mountainous peaks. Junx is the California way.